Strength and Conditioning

I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and I have been competing in tournaments for over 10 years. I know that in high level competition the difference between winning and losing can sometime be attributed to who is stronger, more powerful, who has the most fluid movement and also who has more gas in the tank. Simply speaking who has the best Strength and Conditioning. Over training can also be a huge factor in an athletes performance. This is why it is important to provided each fighter whit his or her own individual program.

My methods are based on my own experiences competing and also from training other combat athletes and Strength and Conditioning Coaches. All fighters need an abundance of power. They also need to be able to use it in the most efficient way possible They also need to be able to use their strength and power in positions of compromise.  My training methods include mobility and movement drills, power lifting and weight lifting and high intensity (metabolic conditioning).

Whether you need to be conditioned for MMA, Brazilian Jiu jitsu or boxing I am sure that my expertise will enhance your performance and help you to reach your goals. My program can help both amateur and professional athletes. The Strength and Conditioning studio is based in CrossFit Performance 360 in South East London.


Hear what John Broster, Bjj blue belt had to say.